Audit System

Production process control Follow-up your document production process,
from receiving data to submitting the material
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The Sirius Audit System allows monitoring, in Windows environment, of the custom document production, ranging from receiving files to be processed, through printing, finishing and sorting, to shipping the material.

The production process is divided into stages, namely receiving files, printing, finishing, sorting and shipping. It allows you to efficiently control the process, since a stage can not start before completing the previous one.

Failures in the production process, such as crashes or loss of documents, are managed at the sorting stage, which then starts the redo processing.

To assist the user in this production process, the software acts through two modules:

System's administrative module, which is responsible for authorized users' configuration tasks, general configuration, importing data on production and reporting. This module must be installed on a single machine.

System's operating module, which enables monitoring of printing, finishing, sorting and shipping. This module must be installed on each machine that process a production stage.

The Audit System uses database to store the information gathered. It supports several databases currently available, such as MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Access.

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