Application migration from
different environments

Feel free to adopt new platforms for document printing,
without risking the loss of previous investments
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Variable data print market usually makes available a wide range of platform-oriented applications belonging to printer manufacturers.

It becomes a problem when users want to change platforms to improve technically and/or financially their business.

As an example, we have the migration of applications developed with Xerox resources to other platforms. Languages like DJDE, JSL, FDL, FNT, IMG, LCDS, Metacode and others associated with Xerox printing platform often hinders applications when printing documents in other manufacturers' equipment, using languages such as AFP , PDF, PCL, Postscript, etc.

Sometimes the solution is simply to convert language; for instance, LCDS or Metacode into the new printing platform's language. However, not all conversion tools are automatic as promised. In most cases, they do not allow reformatting documents by entering new custom messages, bar codes for auditing, optical marks for finishing, or a simple change of layout.

This is a reality, and Sirius' background, products and services have made important business decisions possible.
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