Incorporating Solutions

Have you invested in a proprietary solution and would you like to
complement it, without losing previously made investments?
It is time to learn about our systems.
Sirius offers modular products and solutions, and our document composition supports several input formats, such as databases (Excel, Access, dBase), Tag files (XML, Autograph), system-generated files (Amdocs, JES-IBM, Kenan, SAP R/3 and utility accounting system), print spool files (LCDS, PostScript, PCL, IPDS, Xerox Metacode, AFP), TXT files and Web to Print.

Documents can also be generated for several media channels, including spool files, electronic files (PDF, SMS, images or emails), printer files, integration with databases, production reports, Web to Print files, among others.

This range of supported formats allows not only the integration of our modules, but also integrating them with other systems previously developed.

Make your solutions more efficient by relying on our powerful tools. Sirius products and solutions assure quality, security, cost reduction, as well as meeting deadlines.

Learn here about our licences and see how you can improve your processes and services without loss of investments.
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