Printing Accounting Your company provided with full control over the pages
printed during the
document production process
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SPC (Sirius Page Counter) is a software that allows you to account and control the pages to be printed. The accounting is made per printer, period, class of printers and/or user groups.

The system also allows you to control printing by criteria limit, such as: number of pages, value ($) and file size.

Documents to be printed are sent to the printers by SPC through direct connection, deviating from the Windows spool.

For printers that support SNMP protocol, the system uses this feature to read the machine counter and check whether the pages have been printed or not, by identifying the user.

For printers that provide data about print, copy, fax and scanner via file generated by the manufacturer's software, and running on demand by the user, SPC allows accounting service by reading this file.
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