Auditing the
Printing Process

Follow-up your document production and have
greater control over the printing and enveloping processes
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The Auditing Systems offered by Sirius allows for the control of individual documents during their production. They are provided with high performance devices with bar codes, that ensure the control of separate documents even in high-speed finishing equipments.

Our systems are suitable to several types and brands of equipment. The family of systems is composed of several models specifically developed to control production in inserting, self-enveloping and cutter equipments. They can also be used in off-line processes.

Its operation is based on the reading and analysis of sequential control codes in each document, by using bar code readers and specifically developed software, running in Client / Server environment.

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The monitoring process starts when an optical sensor identifies documents to be inspected. The information contained in the identification codes is then read, cross-checked against preset information for the batch production and displayed on the screen. This process occurs during normal equipment operation and updates a database, which provides online reports.

The systems also allow for manual reading of documents through handscanner and checking the layout of documents.

In addition, they:

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