Spool Manager

Provides full control over the print spool files.
Allows for the
changing and deletion of documents,
merging of spool files and more
About Features Hire
Established in 1988, Sirius has been acquiring technical expertise since then. All our technological mastery allowed us to develop products and solutions for a wide range of demands required by the printing market, from handling data to production control, through the document composition, printing and finishing.

One of the most important needs of this market is to manage print spool files. For many reasons, companies that generate these files and Print Centres are often required to change and/or process them.

With our solution, your company has full control over the spool files generated, thus allowing changes and processing that go beyond the actual files, and that can reach internal documents and data in the files. Controle proporcionado pela manipulação dos arquivos spool.
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