Documents Gathering
for Mailing

Reduce your mailing costs by grouping automatically
all documents of the same recipient
during production
About Features Hire
The document gathering process can be divided into two methods: unification and aggregation.

The unifying process allows multiple documents to be self-enveloped or enveloped in a single mailing object with audit codes and individual CIF (Post Offices).

The following items are the basic assumptions for payment slip: Thus, the unifying software should identify the documents with same properties as above and compose custom documents, by entering audit codes and corresponding CIF to each similar set, in addition to the marks or bar codes needed for finishing documents.

The aggregating process involves grouping different mailing objects and storing them into plastic bags, making them a single new object.

The basic premises for aggregation may be: Thus, the software should identify all objects already finished (self envelopes or envelopes) by bar codes, so that the equipment can pack all material together.
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