Our Uniqueness

We explain below why Sirius stands out in the
and why our solutions are requested by companies
all over the world
Sirius has a reliable and complete software with modular products and solutions acting as an integrated process at all stages of document production.

Document composition can be made from several input file types, thus allowing our modules to be integrated to existing systems, not discarding earlier investments made by customers.

The generation of outputs to multiple formats (print, online and mobile) provides a wider range for your company's communication efforts, by integrating the means of communication to make campaigns more efficient and reaching more customers wherever they are.

Electronic documents, such as PDF, JPG and GIF, can be used on web sites and call centres. These formats also allow for documents to be approved more quickly by the responsible sectors, thus reducing the time spent on production/creation.

In addition, the systems also allow departments to assist in document composition, providing information and images from different areas (even different companies) to generate layouts. It is the so-called collaborative design.

Through Web-based management, your company can easily control all stages of communication, going from creation, through the document production, sending and receiving of process data, to SLA monitoring. Several charts concisely show production reports and statistics, which facilitate the understanding of the data and process management.

The control provided by our systems allows your documents to be modified according to the market's needs and trends, which expedites the process and reduces the time for the communication to reach the target audience.

All modules have user-friendly interface, with no programming languages, and can be used by regular users, without any IT and/or Design support.

Solutions provided by Sirius also allow for contracting document formatting and production services in SaaS (Software as a Service) model, thus offering the entire physical structure necessary for the production, such as software, powerful servers and information security, reducing customer's costs. There is also an option of installing the solution on your servers.

Training, warranties, support, customer service and several types of licences make our products and solutions adaptable to your needs.
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