About Us

Meet Sirius Software, a Brazilian market
leader that
offers several solutions in document
printing and composition
Sirius is a Brazilian company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in developing solutions for custom document composition and production management, with software integrated to several printing platforms.

Over 30 years, our company has been growing solidly and excelling as an international standard for software development and solutions.

Companies have been hiring our products in over 40 countries, and our technical team has great expertise in market and printing composition, gained through the implementation of several electronic printing and finishing tools.

Sirius's priority is to provide added value to its customers. Thus, our technology and support are made available for companies to achieve their goals with greater flexibility and speed, improving quality, reducing costs and complying with target deadlines.

Sirius has products and solutions that act as a reliable and integrated process, with the ability to compose documents with variable data, generate and send print spool files, audit/manage the entire production process and generate multiple output files.

We also have specific solutions to monitor the entire document production process.

Our tools are applicable to all areas of your business, allowing for a better integration between departments, and also cost reduction through several actions performed on the documents, either improving logistics or adding promotional value, by turning them into corporate communication products.
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