CCM - Customer
Communication Management

Control all stages of communication in your company, with reduced
costs, tight deadlines and feedback
on production and campaigns
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Communication is an essential tool to ensure a good relationship with your customers. Through it, you not only sell your services to new users, but also stay informed to improve these services and relationship with customers.

The communication process has several stages and involves many departments (often outsourced) to reach the target audience, and companies are often at suppliers mercy, who have the knowledge and information of a particular stage.

How can you have full control over all stages of communication, from creation to reaching the target audience, going through production and also reducing costs, meeting deadlines and increasing the effectiveness of prepared campaigns?

The Sirius CCM solution offers a complete and reliable process integrating products to manage all of these stages, by introducing TransPromo, cross-media documents with multichannel outputs, detailed charts, Web-based process control and data analysis to improve communication processes and database.

Our solution provides your company with control of all tools and processes, and you become free from third-party knowledge and control over production.
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